Complete Dentures

dentures-squareWhen most or all of the natural teeth are lost due to trauma or disease, complete dentures (or dental “plates”) can be designed to replace missing teeth.

In most cases, removal of remaining teeth to replace them with a full set of complete dentures is the last option considered. With no teeth or opposing forces in the mouth, jaw bone levels can deteriorate over time. If all of a patient’s teeth are lost at an early age, this can result in serious conditions in later years.

We explore all other replacement alternatives prior to recommending dentures. When designing new or replacement dentures, we will schedule several preliminary appointments for “fitting” the dentures, as well as multiple appointments to make sure they fit well after they are placed. We work diligently with our patients’ goals in mind to design attractive and durable dentures.

If you have multiple broken or missing teeth and are considering full dentures, we invite you to call us for a comprehensive dental examination prior to making a final decision. Our goal is to save your teeth whenever possible. We will offer our recommendations and assist you in the decision-making process.

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