Crowns and Overlays

More about crowns

veneers-square When decay or trauma substantially weaken tooth structure, stronger restorations are necessary to restore vital function and bite balance. Crowns offer full coverage, while inlays and onlays are used when only a portion of the tooth structure requires rebuilding. Restorative materials are selected for durability and esthetics, and include semi-precious metals, gold and porcelain.

Crowns, Inlays, and Onlays are usually accomplished in two visits. During the initial visit, damaged areas are removed and the tooth is shaped to support a restoration that fits your bite, is easy to maintain and meets your esthetic goals. A final impression of the tooth is then sent to the lab along with the doctor’s specific design instructions to fabricate your custom-made restoration. We provide you with a temporary bridge while the lab builds your final restoration.

At your second visit, the restoration is delivered and checked to confirm fit, proper bite balance and speech function. After seating and bonding the restoration, you leave with a tooth that has been beautifully restored back to proper chewing and bite strength.

Before crown: Worn filling with decay and broken cusp
Crown positioned over prepared tooth
After crown placement