Tooth Replacement

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Single-ImplantLosing your teeth due to dental disease or trauma continues to affect your bite long after the teeth are gone. Without a resistant opposing force, adjacent teeth will try to move into the empty spaces created by tooth loss. In some cases, these teeth will extend so far that they become loose and are at risk of being lost as well.

Not only does tooth loss affect the appearance of your smile, it can make chewing difficult and result in jaw pain due to a poor bite. In some cases, the digestive processes are negatively affected due to improperly chewed food.

Replacement of missing teeth is nearly always recommended to protect the bite and prevent further health complications. There are a number of options available in dentistry today to replace missing teeth, including dental implants, bridges and partial and complete dentures (“false” teeth).

Artificial tooth replacements can serve a cosmetic purpose as well as restoring the function of your natural teeth. Restorative materials such as porcelain and acrylic are available in natural looking shades to compliment your smile. We will work very closely with you to ensure that we restore your bite to proper function and create the smile appearance that you want to achieve.

Options for tooth replacement include: Implants, Bridges, Partial Dentures, and Complete Dentures.