About Our Cumming Dental Office

High-Quality Dentistry That You’ll Love

Four smiling dental team members wearing dresses in dental office in Cumming

We take the classic, sterile idea of dentistry and turn it on its head. Our caring and welcoming team at Bragg Dental helps each of our patients feel like family, and our detail-oriented, knowledgeable dentists make sure to spend ample one-on-one time with patients. After a visit to our practice, you’re sure to know more about your smile as well as benefit from our conservative approach of focusing on prevention instead of reactive treatment. We invite you to learn more about what makes our Cumming dental office stand out below!

Same Friendly Faces at Every Visit

Bragg Dental team members in dark blue and tan dresses on sidewalk

Our team and dentists love our patients and what we do, which is why you’ll see the same smiling faces at each of your visits! This gives you the benefit of not having to explain, then re-explain dental problems you face, treatments you’ve received in the past, and your medical history, which can be a hassle. Our attentive team will not only remember your name, but also give you a warm welcome each time you enter through our doors!

Conservative Approach

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Our philosophy is to preserve and protect your natural smile whenever possible. This is often seen as a more conservative approach to dentistry because we’ll never recommend treatments that involve permanently altering your teeth unless it’s absolutely necessary. Not only can our focus on prevention save you from hefty dental bills, but it will also keep you from agreeing to dental work that you may regret getting down the road.

Focused on Education First

Cumming dentists Doctor Alexandra McTier and Doctor Jennifer Sherwood Bragg

Drs. Bragg and McTier are passionate about what they do, which is why they never miss an opportunity to educate patients about their smiles. Knowing the risks of certain oral habits, perfecting your dental hygiene routine, and learning the pros of replacing missing teeth and treating sleep apnea are just a few of the topics our dentists are always happy to talk about. No matter what question you may have about your smile, our dentists will do our best to ensure you get the answers you need.